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Decorative stones are a well-known term when it comes to landscaping. Your landscaping theme is incomplete if decorative stones are not a part of it. Small or large, colorful or pale, decorative stones add a unique charm and enlighten the exteriors. The addition of natural decorative stones can elevate the exteriors to the next level. Get in touch with SHC – the decorative stone supplier in Vietnam to get the best affordable outdoor stone.


SHC Group carries stepping stones in the range of decorative stones. Who doesn’t want the pathway to be visually perfect for the visitors? Decorative stone installation on the pathway will surely be going to fulfill the purpose. Stepping stones are nothing but small steppers available in different shapes to make the look of the area unique.

Heart, round, square and irregular shapes of stepping stones are available with SHC. These are easy to install and simple to manage afterward as well. So, create an interesting alleyway with decorative stepping stones installation in the yard, garden, or lawn.


If you think pebbles are small pieces of quarried stone and cannot contribute much to the landscaping design, then you are wrong. The small decorative pebbles can add a lot to the exterior design idea. Colorful stone pebbles come in various exciting shades to revamp the outdoors.

Either you can use it on the garden borders to present a catchy visual interest or placing then in the planter/ water feature also serves as a nice point of attraction. Sandstone, limestone, basalt, or mixed stone base makes it an ideal exterior choice for decorating the yard.



Natural flagstones are one of the top trending decorative stones among builders, architects, contractors, and homeowners. are quarried pieces of natural stone, available in random shapes to create nice visual interest. These quarry-cut flagstones are an ideal choice for paving the exterior floor.

Besides floor coverings, decorative pebbles are also popular for creating wall decor. So, bring this quarry-cut decorative stone to your place and enjoy trending floor and wall design ideas.



Landscaping is not only about working with the key component; its scope is quite larger. It includes all the elements either big or small that form the part of the exterior. Be it a small flower pot or a big centralized planter box, everything needs to be taken care of. Natural decorative stone brings new life to every corner of the yard. From pathways to the garden borders and wall design to flooring theme, choose the most suitable decorative stone offered by natural stone suppliers.


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