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Discover the grace of contemporary outdoor living with an expanded collection of nursery products by SHC. With the growing popularity of nature’s products due to their low maintenance and timeless appeal, our nursery product collection set itself apart for both residential and commercial constructions.

In the world of exterior decor, the perfect blend of aesthetics and modernism serves as the best choice. Thus, SHC presents various nursery products that can fulfill the purpose.

With the beautiful natural essence and attractive color blend, the collection unveils an array of four products that redefine the notion of elegance.


In this busy life schedule, it is hard to get time to connect with nature. Bringing home natural stone pebbles can make this connection possible. Stone pebbles, either small or large, spread a calming ambiance of nature in the outdoor oasis.

Choose from the range of SHC’s pebbles collection. The perfect finish and alluring texture of pebbles open up various possibilities to decorate your surroundings. Our range of pebbles is available in loose and jumbo bags.

Once you bring this decorative stone to your place, you will find its visual, physical, and aesthetic benefits. Have a glance at some of the ideas to incorporate pebble stones into your home decor.


Crystal White Pebbles entail cool and refreshing white tones that make it a suitable choice for all types of landscape projects. One can plan endless design styles by using crystal white pebbles. These can be used as decorative stones in or around the flower bed. A zig-zag stone design in the lawn (as picturized above) is a simple DIY project that gives an instant uplift.

Creating an appealing side passageway can also be a great idea to flourish your existing design. Complementing elements like stone pavers, sitting arrangements, and a few green elements can create a serene and inviting atmosphere.


Stone water fountains have been a great choice for garden design for ages. The natural sound of running water provides a calming effect for the onlookers while offering a visual treat.

Now, it’s time to add the stone fountain to your landscaping decor. Especially when it is made from solid basalt stone. Yes, SHC introduces a basalt fountain in its nursery collection.

Make a splash in the garden area by considering a stone fountain in your existing setup. It really looks gives a wow factor during your barbecue get-together. We carry basalt fountains in various sizes and shapes ranging from 48” – 60” in height and 16”- 26” in width.

Even if you have a simple garden design, you need not change it as a whole to make it attractive. The addition of a stone fountain is enough to make it lively. Its compact size makes it suitable for small garden design as well.


If you want to redesign a passage area, or a driveway apron consider using natural cobblestones. It is designed to withstand pressure, high foot traffic, and general wear and tear. This makes it a perfect choice to fulfill all your hardscaping needs. Cobblestones offer great design possibilities as they blend with every style and exterior.


Whenever we talk of cobblestone, the image of old European streets comes to our mind first. That’s correct to some extent- cobblestones are small, cube-shaped stones that are used to build a solid structure. If you’re ready to put a pathway in your yard, consider using this historical material for its beauty and durability.

Pathways using cobblestone can adhere to various design styles. Classic-style patio lovers can opt for grey-shade cobblestones. Whereas, grey cobblestones give the feel of Mediterranean time.


Cobblestones are an ideal choice for decorating the border areas. A stone paver walkway with cobblestones on the side border gives an amazing look. While choosing the cobbles for the border area, choose a color that matches the pavement stone. Plants can also a great role in providing a sequential look.



Stepping stone is one of the most important decorative materials when it comes to garden design. Stepping stones are functional, affordable, and presentable. SHC presents garden stepping stones in the range of natural stone as well as porcelains.

 So, if you are a nature lover and want to embrace natural products all around, a natural stepping stone pathway can be a great idea. In fact, one can also opt for porcelain stepping stones to create endless landscaping design ideas in the patio, backyard, and lawn areas.

Garden stepping stones, either natural or porcelain, are easy to install.


The nursery collection by SHC is a game-changer when it comes to landscaping decor. The product collection is not only beautiful, but it also offers hassle-free maintenance.


Outer surfaces are exposed to general wear, tear, and climatic conditions. Thus, exteriors always require a durable material that can withstand climatic conditions. The natural stone carries long-lasting properties that make it a suitable product for the outdoors.


The beauty of your backyard is not for one or two seasons. It should endure for years. Products offered by SHC help maintain the long-lasting beauty of your yard. Whether it is a small pebble or a large format stepping stones, the addition of nursery elements uplifts the surroundings. Additionally, these products are of high quality and involve less upkeep.


The shapes, sizes, and colors available in SHC Nursery collection leave an impression on the onlookers which is unforgettable. Steeping stones passage area in the front yard makes it worth appealing. Likewise, a bunch of pebbles spread in the planter box looks visually appealing.


SHC’s Nursery collection is not only limited to one product or size. You can get various options to choose from. From border designing to the main pathway, SHC Stone carries every nursery product in various sizes. So, be ready to flaunt your design skills by choosing from our exotic product collection.

Discover a whole new level of transformation for your outdoor areas with SHC’s nursery collection. Prepare to revolutionize your outdoor spaces with these innovative selections that will completely redefine the way you enjoy and utilize your outdoor living areas.

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces to unprecedented heights with these nursery products. Experience a revolutionary transformation as you explore the vast range of selections that will breathe new life into your outdoor areas, providing a stunning and low-maintenance alternative to artificial stone.


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