Drawstring garbage bag usage

17/06/2024 - hoàng anh - 2 Comment

– Every time you take out the garbage, you are always uncomfortable because the dirty garbage gets on your hands and the smell of the garbage rises up because normal garbage bags do not have a bag tie, greatly affecting the health and living environment of friend. Roll up the drawstring trash bag to help you.

– Roll the drawstring garbage bag to help clean your house quickly. Small wastes such as scrap paper, confectionery peels, fruit peels, … will be collected quickly to make your living space clean and tidy.

– The garbage bag is packed into rolls, compact, when using you just pull the bag out and tear it in a very simple cut.

– The bag has a flexible, supple drawstring that can both tie the top of the bag, and can make the handle without fear of breaking.

– The product is made from non-toxic plastic material, durable and sealed so that all kinds of trash with water will be transported in a durable and sealed way, so that all kinds of trash with water will be transported without leaking dirty water out.

– The bag size is large, can hold 8kg of waste, equivalent to the volume of 28 liters, so after you put the garbage in, you can tie the bag and bring it to the place for easy disposal, without worrying about dirty hands.

– Products are very cheap, suitable for many levels of income, you can use the product without spending too much money on this issue.

– Using drawstring garbage bags and placing them in many locations for convenient collection of garbage will help your living and working place become more ventilated, clean and beautiful.

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