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Natural stone has been used to build beautiful homes and, commercial projects for ages. Now you might be considering whether it is the right stone to use for your place. 

Stacked Stone Installation

Well, the answer is natural stacked stone is one of the most durable and affordable choices for your exteriors. The stacked stone installation gives more design options as compared to heavy and bulky bricks. Famous with the name ledgestone stone veneer, the material is versatile and serves as an exterior architectural choice for homeowners and interior designers.

Do you know what exactly is ledgestone stone veneer? Here we explain everything you need to know about this material and the best possible applications to incorporate it into the existing design scheme.

Things to Know About Stacked Stone Veneer

Advancement and innovation act as a boon for the construction industry. It makes the construction process simple and smooth to go. Choose for the hassle-free construction journey by considering stacked stone veneer installation. Ledgestone stone veneer comes in panels and corners which are highly convenient for the installer to install. The loose stone pieces are joined together with mesh to create an individual panel. As you get panels already stacked, the installation process is streamlined. In addition, the natural stone supplier offers ledgestone with cement and non-cement backing.

There’s no denying the beauty that stone brings to a home’s exterior. Yet, the cost and cumbersome labor of using it prevent many people from enjoying this aesthetic.

Ledgestone Stone Veneer: for Inside & Out

Natural stone veneer provides various benefits that make it a trending choice. Additionally, you can choose from the vast array of colors, textures, stone bases, backings, etc.

  • Enhances the property’s curb appeal
  • Boost the resale value
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Fusion of contemporary and modern style
  • Durable, weather-resistant, long-lasting

Explore more on how natural stacked stone can enhances the beauty of a place keeping the durability factor alive. Read out the best possible application of stacked stone for a wow look:

1. Open Cooking With Fun

Outdoor kitchen installation has always been fun when constructed beautifully. Natural stone products work well as a beauty element to flaunt the exterior kitchen design. Nothing can match the feeling of inhaling sweet and salted aromas while cooking in an open environment. For that, you need a perfect kitchen design idea. Make sure the design you choose fulfills all the necessary cooking requirements. Because you cannot leave utensils openly here and there when you are cooking outdoors. So, plan for the cabinets and storage areas beforehand.

2. Welcoming Pillars & Columns

One of the best ways to make your front entrance appealing is the addition of a stone pillar. Stacked stone veneer can be used to cover the vertical structure. Stone pillars can also be used to make a separation between indoors and out. This is one of the most convenient ways of drawing visitors’ attention. Have a look at the home front entrance. A pillar standing alone acts as a focal point. One can also contrast it well with the boundary or seat walls, depending upon the priorities.

3. Indoor Retreat

The most critical element while designing an indoor room is searching for a material that combines all the elements. The color and style that brings calm, soothing, warmth, and a pleasant environment all around works well. In this case, natural hues suit the best. The best of natural hues is that it suits every place and with every style. Black, white, gold, and beige are timeless neutrals that elevate the indoors very well. As shown in this room design idea, panels, and corners of gold quartz are interlocked on the black wall.

4. Commercial Project – Built for Long

Carrying a commercial project is not an everyday task. Natural stone is built for long materials that help in keeping the property ascetically appealing for the years to come. Explore the stone veneer offerings by leading natural stone suppliers. Now it’s time to say bye to fading, cracks, or patches. How perfectly the stone veneer is applied on the big boundary wall of a commercial street. The fusion of greys and blacks with a thin stripe-like texture gives a seamless appeal.

5. Unwind the Nature

The patio or other exterior areas are just an indoor living room where you can sit and unwind in nature. It is nothing but an extension of the living area. So, make it perfect with the right choice of natural stone veneer. Create seamlessly outstanding outdoor living spaces that elevated the overall look. Have a look at this stacked stone project that is eye captivating and soothes the soul. This outdoor patio area is comfortable, relaxing, and, most of all, functional. It carries enough space to play, sit and host get-togethers. When you have ledgestone stone veneer at your house, worry less about maintenance and enjoy more with your loved ones.

6. Natural Stone Veneer Ledgestone Fireplace

What can be better than a stone veneer when it comes to the outdoor firepit? Features like easy to clean, visually appealing, crack resistant, etc make it today’s most popular choice. Consider this design idea for your upcoming construction project. All you need is fantastic flooring (paver flooring), contrasting fireplace stone, and comfortable seating. Once your place will be ready, then you can feel the natural ambiance, warmth, and coziness in your outdoors only.

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