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Birthday Greeting Letter for SHC GROUP

On the occasion of commemorating the 11th anniversary of the establishment of SHC GROUP on (15/03/2013), on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board of the company, I extend my warmest congratulations to the leaders and employees of the company, who have dedicated their youth and enthusiasm to the development of the Company.

Having spent 11 years building and developing in the Vietnamese market as well as all over the world, gradually affirming the leading name and brand in various business fields in Vietnam, surely that success is the result of countless contributions, efforts, and intellect from generations of employees at the Company, those who have and are joining hands to build the (SHC GROUP) house. Those contributions are always remembered, appreciated, preserved, and promoted.

‘Where Success is Created’ has become the tradition and development orientation of the Company. We will always face many challenges on the path of developing the Company to new heights. I believe that with faith, determination, and the unity of a heroic team with a history of 11 years, although the time is not too long, but together we bond, constantly innovate and innovate in business, will be a solid foundation for us to overcome challenges together, step forward, continue to fulfill our mission in the business career, add new achievements to the golden board.

Once again, Happy 11th birthday to the company, I wish the company expands its connection nationwide and globally, expands its operations, and achieves many great victories. Wishing you, your families abundant health, happiness, and success with the company.

Best regards!

SHC GROUP – Ms. LyLy (Direct Sales):

Email: export3@shcgroup.vn

Mobile: +84 585 678 996 (Whatsapp/Viber/Zalo)

Wechat: export3_shcgroupvn


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