Barbecue charcoal

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When we said BBQ, everyone tends to think the delicious barbecue baked directly on the charcoal grill but few people know that the material to grill those dishes is a very special kind of charcoal that is charcoal BBQ. It is often used in BBQs from luxury restaurants to popular sidewalk restaurants and maybe in your own home. And it is not charcoal normal burned through fire as we can see in real life.


BBQ charcoal is special charcoal produced through the activation process in the oven with high temperatures but it does not put air in, that help coal clean and most importantly the burning time of briquettes will push out to 3-4 hours and no smoke rises during use. The main raw materials to produce charcoal BBQ are coconut shells or wood, eco-friendly, non-toxic for users and clean.

We are TECHMICOM commit to the quality and its products.

Technical information

  • Fixed Carbon: 85% coconut shell charcoal or hard wood charcoal
  • Size: 5-40cmn
  • Ash Content: 3%
  • Calorific Value: 7000 – 7800 kcal / kg
  • Moisture : <6%
  • Burning time: 6-7 hours

Packing: In plastic bags, carton boxes
(Prices are change according to customer needs)


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