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If you are looking for materials to lay on your walkway or make a flower bed, then an option for you is pebbles. The reason for this is because it won’t be affected by the changing weather conditions and is durable.

Pebbles and stones signifies permanence and gives your garden a natural look. The textures and colours of the stone are very gentle on the eye and provides an amazing backdrop for flower beds, lawns and trees.

Below are a few tips and benefits of using stones/pebbles in a landscaping environment for an environmental solution.

Environmental benefits

When the soil is left exposed for a long time, it will start to erode as a result of water and wind. There is also the evaporation that is caused by being exposed to the sun. The most reasonable remedy to this problem is growing plants on the bare land and surround the plants with a layer of stone pebbles or sized stones. They should be placed in such a way that the soil is not visible. The size of the stone/pebbles will determine the arrangement of them.




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