10 Various Uses of Granite in Your Home

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01. Granite Countertops and Islands:

Kitchen Countertops and Islands

Granite countertops are popular for many reasons. Granite is strong, easy to clean, heat and water resistant, and it’s sanitary. It used in both traditional and modern kitchens, large and small. Granite countertops and island tops also improve the look of your home. When cut, the edges are sharp and blunt and hence it needs chamfering, rounding at edges which are of course very costly process.

02. Bathroom Vanity Tops:

Granite Bath Vanity Tops

Similar to kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops made from granite is an important material for the bathroom. Granite is resistance to water and mould, and also resistant to bacteria. It can shine and function just as well in a master bath. And the even look of a small bathroom improves with a granite bathroom vanity tops.

03. Flooring:

Granite Flooring

There are various uses of granite i.e. walls or floors of your rooms, staircase, kitchen, bathroom or other areas, but granite flooring is the perfect choice if you are looking for a smooth surface that looks good and works well in equal measure. It is available in a variety of colours which provide better look that you need. Granite flooring is bacteria resistant and hence makes it a good choice for people who are prone to allergies.  It resists high traffic areas. It is easy to clean and regularly sweeping and mopping will keep in good condition. When used in staircase, 2 to 3 groves are cut to make it non-slippery.

04. Backsplash:

Granite Backsplashes
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Another way to use granite in your house is to use as a granite backsplash. Granite is just as functional for a backsplash similar to the countertop. It creates an excellent barrier between your wall and water. Granite backsplash work great, whether you have a custom-fabricated countertop or install granite tiles by yourself. Using granite for both the countertop and backsplash improve visual continuity and save your time and money.

05. Bathroom Sinks or Basins:

Granite Bathroom Basin or Sink

If you want to use granite in a different way other than a countertop, try a granite sink.
Granite basins are available in different styles, i.e., pedestals sink, undermount sink, or modern, angular basin. Granite sink comes with all the same characteristic you expect from granite countertops. The sinks are water-resistant and easy to maintain.

06. Tabletops, Desktops and Shelves:

Tabletops, Desktops and Shelves

Granite is an elegant, natural stone, and it is perfect for table tops due to its high strength and durability. Since it is so stylish, it is used in the formal room like dining area. It is durable enough for a busy kitchen. It also works well as a desk for a home office. It is also used for shelves in place of plywood and may avoid the danger of paste and remain maintenance free. As tabletop, they are easy to clean.

07. Fireplace Mantle:

Granite Fireplace Mantles

A well-mounted granite fireplace mantle makes an attractive living room centrepiece. Granite can take an ordinary fireplace and turn it into a centre of attraction and a place to gather with friends and family.

08. Granite Medallions:

Granite Medallions

Medallions are basically granite mosaics. Designs and patterns are cut and fitted onto one, large tile and it installed as one piece. Granite medallions can be used on the floor or wall, inside or outside the house. Install a medallion in the entryway or even on the shower or pool floor.

09. Wall Cladding & Panelling:

Granite Wall Cladding & Panelling

Granite is also used for external wall cladding. But it needs great care in installation.
Perfect for use within showers & bathrooms to provide years of trouble free performance without grout lines to discolour. External garden walls, facades, external walls are markedly enhanced using granite to create a grand entrance area or visual impact for the entire house.

10. Paving:

Granite Paving
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The other uses of granite are used as pavers. The stones are used in less refined forms, like patios, driveways and pavers. The stones are beautiful and when used as pavers. They bring another life and beauty to the garden and driveways.

Other Uses of Granite:

Nowadays natural stone, more popularly granite has replaced wooden door window frames. It serves idea as frame material as they do not get damaged due to water like wooden frames. They are also cheaper than teak wood door-window frames. Again when used as frames, they are maintenance free and do not require painting over a regular period of time. With new chemical, they can also be installed properly and they also hold screws.
Granite is also used in door-window sill and jamb, stair treads and risers, skirting, dado, etc. When used for jamb-sill, it enhances the beauty of all windows and provides smooth surface for fixing. They also keep sills dust free.
You may also have a few new ideas for various uses of granite in your home. Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, the entryway or the office, granite is flexible and far-reaching in its uses. Try one or more of these out for yourself and enjoy granite in your own home every day for years.

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