What Is Lava Stone?

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What Is Lava Stone?

Lava stone is a type of rock formed from molten lava after an eruption. It’s usually dark in color, ranging from black to brown, with small flecks of lighter-colored minerals embedded within it. Lava stones are often used for decoration and jewelry because they have interesting textures and shapes. They can also be polished to reveal beautiful colors and patterns.

It has long been believed that wearing or carrying lava stones can bring strength, courage, and stability during difficult situations. This is thought to be due to the fact that these rocks were once forged by fire; the same element that gives us power and determination when we face challenging times.


The Origins Of Lava Stone

Lava stone has been around since the beginning of time. It is believed to have originated from volcanoes, which spewed out molten lava that eventually cooled and solidified into this unique material. This rock type can be found all over the world in many different shapes and sizes. Its history dates back thousands of years, with some artifacts discovered being estimated as old as 7500 BC!

Throughout its long existence, people have attributed a variety of meanings to it – ranging from spiritual protection to courage in times of hardship. Some cultures believe that understanding one’s situation during difficult moments is greatly aided by wearing or carrying lava stones. The use of these rocks for healing purposes was even documented in ancient texts such as the Bible and Kabbalah.

Uses Of Lava Stone

Lava stone has many practical uses. It is often used in decorations, jewelry, and as a metaphorical tool. Decorations made from lava stone can be found in gardens or homes to bring texture to the environment. As jewelry, it is said to represent strength and courage due to its association with volcanoes.

Metaphysically, it is used for protection and grounding energy since some believe that the fire element of lava holds powerful spiritual properties. Furthermore, when heated up, lava stones can act as an essential oil diffuser; simply add your favorite scent!


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