High Purity Silica Sand

04/11/2023 - hoàng anh - 2 Comment

High purity quartz sand is also named as silica sand, silica powder, and silica dioxide powder.

In order to be considered a silica sand the material must contain at least 95% SiO2 and less than 0.6% iron oxide. If the sand does not meet this criteria, it will qualify as what’s often called ‘regular’ sand.

We supply high purity quartz sand used in a variety of industries and applications. The purity of quartz sand is mostly determined by the manufacturing method and subsequent handling. We take special precautions at all stages of production to maintain high purity.

White natural quartz sands are widely used in glassmaking, casting, ceramics and fireproof materials, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, metallurgy, construction, chemical, plastics, rubber, abrasive, filter, and other industries.


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