Coco pot

18/11/2023 - hoàng anh - 2 Comment

Coco germination pots are made from 100% biodegradable natural coir fiber extracted from coconut. Coir fiber are moulded into different pot sizes and coated with natural latex to provide stability. Coco pots (also known as Coir pot) are light weight and easy to handle. Coco pots are suitable for nurseries, commercial plant propagators and home gardeners.
Coco germination pots in combination with Coco disk / tab make an excellent choice for plant propagation. Coco disk/tab placed inside the coco pot, upon adding water, expands to fill pot and becomes growing media for the seed. Later young sapling in the coco germination pot can be directly planted into the soil/earth, thereby preventing transplant shocks and root damages- and the coco germination pot will slowly biodegrade into the soil and become manure for the plant. This helps saving the environment by avoiding plastic tray pileup in nurseries.
Coco pots are also a good choice of décor for indoor and it is an eye catcher at home or office, balcony and in winter garden.


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