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Dream to build a landscaping project that can appeal to the onlookers? Now, make your dream come true with SHC’s flagstone paving collection. The leading flagstone suppliers offer 5 types of natural flagstone pavers that are trending high nowadays. Let’s get more familiar with what is flagstone paving and are the popular stone types.

Flagstone is the term used to define the irregular quarried pieces of natural stone. These look similar to the flag pattern when installed on the outdoor flooring. Natural flagstone pavers are large and flat pieces having random shapes. Perfect for laying the outdoor floor coverings either it’s a patio, backyard, or front yard. Off-cuts of the flagstone make it one of the most popular stone paving choices.


Basalt is a well-know term when it comes to paving the exterior floors. The hard volcanic rock not only imparts high durability but also makes the landscaping idea beautiful. This igneous rock comes in the bold black color to flaunt the outdoors. Water jet treatment converts the charcoal black color into jet black. So get ready to give an exotic look to the patio floor with basalt flagstone paver installation.


SHC’s flagstone collection is not only limited to basalt flooring. It offers another hard and dense paving stone with a limestone base. Limestone is a sedimentary rock carrying certain rich minerals which are good for building projects. Limestone flagstone can be used for developing front entrance design ideas to make the entryway alluring. Even one can opt for this look for covering the backyard flooring. The good compressive strength and low bending rate of limestone flagstone paving make it an ideal choice for the outdoors.


Quartzite is the type of metamorphosed rock available in certain vibrant shades. Intense heat and pressure under the earth’s crust make this rock highly durable for construction projects. So, you can opt for any color of the quartzite flagstone for laying the patio floor or front yard pathway. Besides, quartzite flagstone depicts a slight glossy like finish to enrich the floor coverings. This trait of quartzite paving stone makes it a famous choice around the swimming pool decks.


Either it’s a lawn or a garden area, sandstone is the first name that comes to mind when it’s about flooring. Being hard and stiff sedimentary rock, sandstone flagstone paving also remain top of the trend. Rich brown and beige neutrals available in this flagstone surely going to uplift the landscaping idea. If you want to impart a contemporary look to the outdoors, the flagstone flooring will surely be going to fulfill the purpose.


Last but not the least; slate flagstone paving is the metamorphic rock carrying clay-like mineral components to present a durable base. Basically, if you want to give an antique royal look to the landscaping, then nothing can be better than slate flagstone paving. Comes in brown, golden, and tan shades to mimic a royal look. These are highly sustainable and can resist normal wear and tear.

So, all this is about the natural flagstone paving. Now you can easily make up your mind which stone type and color you want to pick for your project.


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