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Who doesn’t want an alluring landscaping design idea in the front yard? Well, for this quality building material is a vital choice. Exterior steps carry the major portion of landscaping beauty. Installation of natural stone steps outdoor is trending high nowadays.

No doubt, stone steps impart timeless beauty to the yard. But, it also gives long-term durable results. Be it a backyard, front porch, or patio area, natural stone steps prove to be a great addition.


While planning a landscaping design idea you should always have to keep certain key factors in mind. Visual appearance, physical functionality, and longevity are there in the row. Exterior steps cannot become a wise landscaping choice unless they carry all those features.

Natural stone steps are well known for their durability and attractiveness for long. Contractors, architects, and builders always prefer natural stone steps over manufactured or concrete steps for better results. It instantly elevates the property’s curb appeal.


Deciding upon anything regarding home construction is a tricky task. There are certain questions in your mind when you are going to buy exterior staircase material.

Is the stone durable?

  •  Will it give the true worth of the money?
  •  Does it stand well to the test of time?
  •  Is it comfortable to step up and down?

If you are planning natural stone steps installation for the next landscaping project, then its vital for you to get familiar with all the benefits:

DURABILITY: Product durability is one of the common but most important concerns of homemakers. If you are spending well on the exteriors, then your outdoor oasis must be durable enough against weather damages. Natural stone steps are highly durable and best recommended for outdoor constructions. Having a thickness of 6”, stone steps stand well to the test of time.

VERSATILITY: Today’s era is all about versatility. The more versatile material you choose, the more attractive your outdoors look. While working with natural stone steps, you can avail yourself a good range of colors, finishes, and stone types. Stone Universe Inc – the natural stone steps supplier in the U.S.A fetch the clients with warm as well as bold outdoor stair stone collection. If you have a preference for a simple and sleek outdoor look. Soft color steps look great. Want to go a little bold with the landscaping design, black range of steps suits the best. One can also avail the options of textures and veins for the outdoor with stone steps.

ENHANCES CURB APPEAL: Outdoor steps directly influences the property’s curb appeal. It can make or break the entire visual appearance. Thus, the installation of stone steps on the outdoor staircase can instantly elevate the landscaping design idea. An attractive curb appeal also adds value to the property.

AUTHENTIC TOUCH: Only natural stones collection can provide an ethnic appeal with the touch of modernization. Natural stone suppliers carry a huge color range in stone steps, pavers, and wall cladding. Thus one easily chooses the same or contrasting color stone steps, paver flooring, and cladding material to present an authentic look.


Get inspired with a natural stone step photo gallery to make your landscaping more presentable among the viewers.


basalt natural stone steps

autumn mist natural stone steps

indigo bluestone natural stone steps

BASALT STONE STEPS: Some people like to impart a vibrant look to the front entrance. If you are one among them, these dark color natural stone steps will surely be going to bring an interesting twist. Rich black and charcoal shades with water-jet treatment on the stone surface make it fine for any type of outdoor installation.

AUTUMN MIST STEPS: If you love patterns and textures and want to impart it to your outdoor, install autumn mist stone steps without any dilemma. Beautifully patterned outdoor stair stone with fossil leave impression creates a seamless appeal. Soft to mellow yellow, tan and brown color sandstone steps spread freshness all around.

INDIGO BLUESTONE STEPS: Because of limestone inherent qualities, Indian bluestone steps prove to be a great landscaping addition. These limestone steps showcase blue and grey shades together to present a nice visual appeal. Perfect match for planning innovative landscaping design schemes.

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