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The exteriors of the home say everything about the property’s design. Make it appealing and alluring with the application of quality building stone. We at Stone Universe Inc. carry a wide range of natural stone products that elevate your surroundings to the next level. So, join hands with a leading natural stone supplier in the U.S.A, and let’s make your home exteriors happening with the natural stone application.

Besides presenting a beautiful color pallet in the range of landscape material, SHC Group introduces a fine black shade to elevate the residential as well as commercial projects. BLACK BASALT! As you all know basalt being a lava rock has been in the trend for since long. It is considered a perfect building material since the medieval period. The landscape supplier of natural stone makes it much more durable with the advancement in technology. Flaming and water jet treatment on the quarried basalt not only gives a finite look but also makes it a hard-wearing stone.

From the floor to the window sill, every element of the home exterior has its importance. Have a look at the below-given elements and decide the best for your outdoors:


Facade refers to the front-facing of the building construction. It is the true image maker or breaker. The facade should be appealing enough to grab the attention of the visitors. To make the home facade look best, one can opt thin stone veneer. Various shapes available in the natural stone thin veneer set a benchmark in the home renovation style.


Although exteriors are all about enjoying nature’s beauty in the open. But still, it needs to be covered from the boundary keeping in view the privacy factor. Fencing plays an important role while planning an exterior home renovation. Medium-sized boundary walls are perfect to create an outdoor living room that is airy as well as private. Natural stacked stone panels and corners are best suitable to cover the outdoor masonry walls. Durable and highly attractive ledgestone makes the outdoor cladding an attention-seeking point.


Front yard flooring must be comfortable to the walk and highly durable to the climatic changes. Natural stone paver pattern flooring gives a seamless appeal when applied perfectly to the outdoors. SHC – the natural stone outdoor flooring supplier offers tiles, pavers, chiseled edge flooring to make your outdoor oasis beautiful.


Driveways leading from the front door entrance to the garage area cover the huge space in the home exterior designing. Strength and sustainability are the much needed characteristics of a driveway material. Plan your lavishing driveway apron with SUI’s driveway collection. Granite cobblestones and driveway pavers are there in the row. Natural stone driveway material makes the flooring hard and dense.


Lawns and gardens have become an inseparable part of today’s exterior design. Even if you are planning for a small space landscaping design idea, the garden proves to be a beneficial addition both visually and practically. It provides a nice visual accent. At the same time, it brings a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Decorative natural stones can make your garden area more presentable. Steeping stones can be used creatively on the garden pathway with stone pebbles on the border area for a dignified look.

Either you are planning for a renovation or a fresh construction, quality leaders of natural stones are always there to guide you the best. Get an end number of product and color options to decorate your dream project.

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