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While native Australian stones are perfectly suitable for a wide range of uses in construction, for the finest residential projects most builders prefer to use imported pebbles. These stones are specifically chosen for their great beauty and durability. Typically sold in 20kg bags, imported pebbles are available in several different colours and types. Working with pre-selected imported pebbles gives you a product that is consistent in size and colour. Most providers offer multiple size options, from the very smallest pebbles that average three millimetres up to much larger stones averaging ten centimetres or more. Most sellers offer you all of the details you’ll need to calculate your overall requirements, making it easy to translate square metres of space into kilograms of pebbles.


Landscaping uses for pebbles

Natural stone pebbles can be incorporated both for internal and external application. Here are just a few of the ways how external application of imported pebbles can help create a breath-taking and memorable landscape.


Many Australian homeowners have to take drainage into consideration when they design their landscapes. While rain is rare in some parts of the country, it tends to come down heavily when it does happen. This means a good landscaping plan needs to shed large volumes of water quickly. Drainage ditches are often required. Why not beautify these necessary features with a healthy coating of stone pebbles? Pebbles can be used to line larger ditches; in smaller applications an attractive French drain can be built up with different sizes of pebbles. This will provide water with a safe drainage path, without introducing any major elevation changes to your landscape.

Accent features

Because most stone pebbles are sold pre-sorted according to colour, it’s easy to have full control over the aesthetic effects you can achieve. Create a natural look with slate-grey stones or lay down something more distinctive, like stark white or black pebble beds. Pebbles are a great way to divide different sections of your landscaping, and you’ll find that a very small amount of stone goes a long way towards livening up your yard.


Laying down mulch is increasingly popular in Australia. Stone pebbles make for an excellent top layer in any long-term mulching bed. As with any mulching bed, a pebble-topped example will trap moisture and allow soil to retain its basic nutrients, such as nitrogen. Bear in mind that using black stone pebbles does tend to increase the temperature of mulching beds; stick with lighter colours around delicate plants.


If you live in an area where high water costs make traditional landscaping unfeasible, consider designing a xeriscape landscaped yard. Xeriscaping is the art of landscaping with hardy, arid plants that are drought resistant, and decorative stone (including pebbles) plays a major role in this style of yard. Paying for imported stone pebbles does increase the initial cost of such landscaping, but the minimal long-term upkeep makes it a very attractive option.

Decorative mosaics

If you’d like to indulge your artistic side, imported stone pebbles make the perfect raw materials for designing your own mosaics. These can be accent pieces appearing anywhere in your garden or integral parts of a paving plan. By varying the size and colour of individual stones, you can create arresting and beautiful designs and patterns. Your imagination is the only real limit to the possibilities.


Stone pebbles make a perfect paving material. You can use pebbles alone to define a low-traffic path or use them in concert with other materials to create a more durable and attractive paving solution. Depending on the amount of traffic you’re expecting, you can use loose pebbles for paving or set them in mortar. Mortared and sealed pebbles are even suitable for use as a distinctive and unique driveway surface.


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